iGoMoon’s Bigger Picture: An Open Letter To The Team


I’m drinking coffee and thinking about the bigger picture, what are you drinking today?

Luke Rochester at Pocket KPI is a business intelligence consultant, whom, I met with this week. The meeting with Luke gave me new perspectives on what it is possible to achieve with big data. He taught me why it matters – and how it can help companies to even make better strategic decisions.

Luke emphasised through his own experience the challenge that occur when a start-up reach 10-15 team members and still lacking a clear: What, who, why, and how picture. That really hit me. Because we as a team at iGoMoon, has come to a point where it is time to elaborate and clarify, what we do, for who, and, how we do – what.

Then we need to break down this mission-vision-picture into clear goals, targets, and, transform these into KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that will give each team member real-time feedback how we perform as a team (and you as an individual).

Luke Rochester in action

Bigger Picture

My intention with this vision, mission statement. Is to lead you into a whole new understanding why you work, and how you ultimately contributes towards accomplishing iGoMoon’s bigger picture.

Vision Statement

Be the crisp-“iest”, human-propelled website factory in the galaxy.

I believe iGoMoon as a business has two big assets to nurture and care about – the crew and the customer. Without these two iGoMoon doesn’t have a reason to exist.

Mission Statement

Be the skyrocketing change we wish to see within the industry, by being brave, staying crisp and having fun.

The Breakdown Of Our Core Values

Be brave, stay crisp and have fun.

I sometimes get the question: – What does it mean?

Below you find out how I explains our values in short.

  • Be Brave – Be you, and never accept the unacceptable
  • Stay Crisp – Staying responsible is a choice you make every day
  • Have Fun – Do what you love, make it count and we will celebrate victories

These values are the essence in a company which successfully turns culture2.

I will continue develop these ideas and present an update on it in a near future.

Are you able to see the bigger picture now?

Make it count, it’s in your hands.